Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion #3
Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion #3
Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion #3
Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion #3
Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion #3
Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion #3
Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion #3
CRF450L Supermoto With Warp 9
Forged Tubeless Wheels

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This is the 3rd iteration of our 2019 Honda CRF450L Supermoto Conversion. You'll notice on this bike that we now have Warp 9 Supermoto Forged Tubeless Wheels instead of spoked wheels. We've also added a white front and rear fender, as well as a different Seat Concepts seat.

The beauty of a dual sport bike like the CRF450L is that it can be two bikes in one. With the stock knobbies, you have a high performance off-road bike, and by adding a set of 17" supermoto wheels and tires, you can also have a very capable corner carver for the street.

Converting a CRF450L to a supermoto is pretty straightforward. All you really need is a good set of 17" supermoto wheels like the ones we use from Warp 9 Racing, and then some sticky tires like the Dunlop Q3+ we use (see details below). There are a few things you need to do to fit the smaller 17" wheels/tires. Up front, in order to clear the smaller 17" supermoto tire, you have to re-route the front brake line to the outside of the fork leg and also trim the plastic lower fork protectors so the front tire doesn't rub. On some dual sports, you need need to source a shorter kick stand so the bike doesn't stand straight up with the kickstand down.... but with the CRF450L, you don't need to, and the stock kickstand works just fine. As for a rear sprocket, the gearing you choose is a personal preference type of thing, but on our bike we went with a 50T rear sprocket initially, which is one tooth smaller than the bikes stock rear sprocket. We're now running a 46T and like that much better. One final thing we installed was a 12oClockLabs Speedometer Calibrator to correct the speedometer and odometer after installing the smaller wheels/tires.

Here's what we've done to the bike so far, and some of our future plans...

  • Warp 9 Supermoto Forged Tubeless Wheels
       - Switch Style Wheel Design
       - Black Wheels, Black Hubs, Red Anodized Valve Stem
       - 17" x 3.5" front wheel, 17" x 4.25" rear wheel
       - Warp 9 Racing Rear Sprocket, Black, 46T
       - Warp 9 320mm 2-piece Floating Front Rotor)
  • Dunlop Q3+ Front Tire (120/70-17)
  • Dunlop Q3+ Rear Tire (150/60-17)
  • Warp 9 Front/Rear Axle Slider Set (Red)
  • 12oClockLabs Speedometer Calibrator

  • Yoshimura RS-4 Full Exhaust System **
  • Twin Air Pre-Oiled Air Filter
  • Vortex X10 ECU (w/ optional Handlebar Map Switch)
    ** NOTE: This exhaust system is only approved by Yoshimura for the CRF450X off-road bike. It is not currently recommended or approved for use on the CRF450L dual sport. To make our bike run properly, we are using a Vortex ECU, which has several different maps for the Yoshimura exhaust.
  • CA Coolant Outlet Kit (from Champion Adventures)

  • 12oClockLabs Integrated Tail Light / Fender Eliminator
  • License Plate Frame, Black
  • 12oClockLabs Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher
  • 12oClockLabs Speedometer Calibrator
  • Motogadget m-Blaze LED Turn Signals (front and rear)
  • 12oClockLabs Turn Signal Mounting Plates (to mount front/rear turn signals)
  • 12oClockLabs Advanced Mini Gauge

  • Stock Renthal Handlebars
  • Zeta Handlebar Riser Kit, 30mm
  • CRF450L Cycra Ultra Probend CRM Handguard Package
  • Pro Taper Sport Bar Mount Cones for Honda (Black)
  • Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips (Grey/Black)
  • G2 Tamer Aluminum Throttle Tube
  • CRF450L Supermoto Street Mirror Package
  • Honda Mirror Hole Plugs

  • Seat Concepts Comfort Seat (Standard Height, Blk Low Slip Top / Red Sides)
  • DRC Motard / Supermoto Footpegs
  • Zeta Revolver Folding Shift Lever
  • Hammerhead Forged Brake Pedal

  • IMS 3 Gallon Fuel Tank (Black)
  • DRC Radiator Hose Kit (Red)
  • Zeta Clutch Cable Guide (Red)
  • Zeta Heel Guard/Chain Cover (Black)
  • HRC Decals
  • Zeta 3D Chain Guide (Black/Red)
  • Zeta Air Filter Bolt (Red)
  • Factory Effex Front Fender Graphics
  • Acerbis Front Fender (White)
  • Acerbis Rear Fender (White)
  • Acerbis Lower Fork Protectors (White)

  • Zeta Anodized Aluminum Bolt Kit (Red)
  • Zeta Brake Reservoir Cover Kit (Red)
  • Zeta Steering Stem Nut (Red)
  • Zeta Rear Brake Clevis (Red)
  • Zeta Rear Axle Blocks (Red)

  • Zeta Case Saver / Drive Cover (Black/Red)
  • Warp 9 Front/Rear Axle Slider Set (Red)
  • Warp 9 Muffler Slider (Black Carbon)
  • T.M. Designworks Rear Brake Caliper Guard (Red)
  • Moose Racing Plastic Skid Plate (Black) **
  • TM Designworks Plastic Skid Plate (Red) **
    ** Some photos show the Moose skid plate and some show the TM Designworks

  • D.I.D 520 ERVT Racing Chain (Gold)
  • Front Sprocket: Stock
  • Rear Sprocket: Warp9 46T

  • Galfer Front Brake Pads, Sintered
  • Galfer Rear Brake Pads, Semi-Metallic
  • Galfer Front and Rear Brake Lines (coming soon)

  • DRC Lift Stand
  • Longacre Digital Tire Gauge
  • Cruz Tools Outback'R M14 Tool Set

  • Scotts Steering Stabilizer
  • Custom Graphics
  • And more.... stay tuned!

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