CRF450L / CRF450RL Supermoto Conversion Guide
CRF450L / CRF450RL Supermoto Conversion Guide
CRF450L / CRF450RL Supermoto Conversion Guide
CRF450L / CRF450RL Supermoto Conversion Guide
CRF450L / CRF450RL Supermoto Conversion Guide
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The beauty of dual sport bikes like the Honda CRF450L/RL is that it can be two bikes in one... with the stock knobbies, you have a very capable off-road and dual sport bike, and by adding a set of 17" supermoto wheels and tires, you can also have a capable corner carver for the street or kart track.

What You'll Need To Do:
Converting a Honda CRF450L/RL to a supermoto is pretty straightforward. All you really need is a set of 17" supermoto wheels like the ones we use from Warp 9 Racing, and then some 17" supermoto tires like the Dunlops or Avons we use (see details below). There are a few things you need to do to fit the smaller 17" wheels/tires. Up front, in order to clear the smaller 17" supermoto tire, you have to re-route the front brake line to the outside of the fork leg and also trim the plastic lower fork protectors so they clear the front tire. One bonus with the 450L.... you won't need to source a shorter kickstand like you do on most supermoto conversions, to accommodate the 17" wheels/tires... the stock CRF450L/RL kickstand seems to work just fine. Please note, that if you've lowered your bike with a lowering link, and you convert to a supermoto, then that kickstand will be an issue and the bike will sit more straight up than you'll want it to.

What front and rear sprocket size you choose to run on your supermoto is a personal preference type of thing, and really does depend on the type of riding you do. On our supermoto project bike we initially went with a 50T rear sprocket but the bike was turning too high RPM at higher speeds. We have since switched to a 46T sprocket (with stock front sprocket size). We ride mostly twisty back roads with speeds topping out around 60-65mph, and the 46T works nicely. On another one of our CRF450L SM project bikes, we did a 44T rear and I really liked that as well.

Speedo/ODO Calibration:
If you purchase our Warp 9 supermoto wheels, they will include a ring that mounts to the brake rotor that the speedo/odo sensor reads from, and this will keep your speedometer and odometer accurate. So there is no need to re-calibrate it once you install your new wheels.

We use Warp 9 Supermoto wheels on all of our supermoto conversions. Their wheels are available in many different color combinations, and they will include a rear sprocket as well as front/rear brake rotors. They offer traditional spoked wheels requiring tubes, spoked tubeless wheels, and also a forged aluminum mag style tubeless wheelset as well...

  • CRF450L/RL Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels (Spoked, Tubed or Tubeless)

  • CRF450L/RL Warp 9 Supermoto Forged Tubeless Wheels (Tubeless)

    For a CRF450L/RL supermoto we generally run a 120/70-17 front tire, and either a 140/70-17 or a 150/60-17 rear tire (we use the latter). We've put together a separate CRF450L/RL Supermoto Tire Guide which you can access at the link below...
  • CRF450L/RL Supermoto Tire Guide

    Honda CRF450L / CRF450RL Supermoto Inner Tubes:
    We only use high quality Michelin tubes on all of our supermoto's...
  • Michelin Front and Rear Inner Tubes

    The stock mirrors are functionally OK, but they don't look very good, especially on a supermoto. We've got the answer with our under-handlebar mounted supermoto mirrors...
  • CRF Supermoto Mirrors

    Your stock front fender might look a little big once you put the smaller 17" front and rear wheel/tire setup on, and if you don't like the look, try a smaller supermoto fender like the one from Polisport... we use it on our CRF450RL supermoto conversion and it looks much better than the stock fender IMHO...
  • Polisport Universal SM Front Fender <-- Read Our Review!

    Skid Plates are popular on off-road bikes, but we also use them on all of our supermoto's. They help keep the front of your engine and frame clean, and also protect it from road debris. It's much easier to wipe off the skid plate than trying to keep the underside of the engine and frame clean. We like the plastick skid plates from Moose and TM Designworks...
  • CRF450RL Moose Racing Pro LG Skid Plate
  • CRF450RL TM Designworks Skid Plate

    The stock footpegs on these bikes are pretty nice, but if you are looking to upgrade, we like the ones from DRC and Zeta Racing...
  • DRC Supermoto Footpegs for CRF Models
  • DRC Wide Footpegs for CRF Models
  • Zeta Aluminum Footpegs for CRF Models


    How To Convert your Honda CRF450L to a Supermoto

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