Suzuki DRZ400SM Project Bike Build #1
Suzuki DRZ400SM Project Bike Build #1

Suzuki DR-Z400SM Project Bike Update Video

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Our Suzuki DRZ400SM is currently setup in "Adventure Supermoto" trim. We've been using the bike for commuting and some day trips. Here's how she's currently spec'd out...

When we first got this bike, the only modification it had was a SuperTrapp muffler. It was loud and sorta ugly. The first thing we did was replace the entire exhaust system with our FMF Q4 Exhaust Package, which consists of an FMF Q4 muffler and FMF PowerBomb header. At the same time, we did the 3x3 airbox mod, and replaced the OEM air filter with a K&N Hi Flow Air filter and re-jetted the carb with a DynoJet Jet Kit. I couldn't be happier with this setup.... the FMF system sounds great, it's quite a bit lighter than the stock exhaust, and it adds a significant amount of performance. Here are the links to the mods we did...
  • FMF Q4 Performance Exhaust Package
  • Dynojet Jet Kit (as part of above package)
  • K&N Hi-Flow Air Filter (as part of above package)
  • 3x3 Airbox Mod
  • Z-Carbon Universal EX Header Pipe Guard

    Like all dual sport bikes, the stock rear tail light and front/rear turn signals on the DRZ400's are very large in size and not very easy on the eyes. We wanted something that would really clean up the rear fender of the bike and we also wanted to get rid of the big front turn signals. Since we wanted to add handguards to the bike right off the bat, we went with our Zeta Armor Handguard Package with built-in turn signals. This really cleans up the front of the bike. Out back we ditched the huge stock tail light and turn signals, replacing them with our nice and compact DRC Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Kit. We disabled the integrated turn signal feature of that tail light and used DRC Type 601 LED turn signals which are bolted up to the side of the tail light. These simple changes make the bike look WAY better!! We also replaced the stock headlight with an Acerbis LED Vision headlight and Cyclops LED headlight bulb. Here are the links to the mods we did...
  • Acerbis LED Vision Headlight
  • Cyclops LED Headlight Bulb
  • DRC Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Kit (Smoke Lens)
  • DRC Type 601 LED Turn Signals (Smoke Lens)
  • Zeta Armor Hand Guards (blue) with XC Flasher Protectors (white)
  • Zeta Handguard Triple Clamp Mounts
  • 12oclockLabs Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher
  • 12oClockLabs Running Light Adapters

    The stock footpegs on the DRZ400 didn't offer much grip and were very narrow. We decided to add a pair of DRC Wide footpegs, which have a wider step width than the stock pegs, making them more comfortable and grippier too. Already discussed above, the Zeta Armor Handguards with built-in turn signals look great and eliminate the big ugly stock front turn signals. Here's a list of the mods we've done...
  • Seat Concepts Complete Seat (standard height, embossed vinyl)
  • DRC Wide Footpegs
  • Zeta Armor Hand Guards (blue) with XC Flasher Protectors (white)
  • Zeta Handguard Triple Clamp Mounts
  • Zeta Pivot Lever Set (Red)
  • Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips
  • G2 Quick Turn Aluminum Throttle Tube
  • Clamp-On Mirrors
  • Mirror Hole Plugs (Blue)
  • Zeta Folding Shift Lever (Black/Red)
  • Zeta Trigger Folding Brake Pedal (Black/Red)

    Carbon Fiber:
    If you are looking for carbon fiber parts for your DRZ400S or DRZ400SM, we have several of them installed on our DRZ400SM...
  • Z-Carbon Carbon Fiber Drive Cover
  • Z-Carbon Carbon Fiber Frame Guards
  • Z-Carbon Carbon Fiber Chain Guide
  • Z-Carbon Carbon Fiber Chain Cover / Heel Guard
  • Z-Carbon Carbon Fiber Brake Caliper Guard
  • Lightspeed Carbon Fiber Engine Case Guards
  • Z-Carbon Universal EX Header Pipe Guard

    Miscellaneous and Bling:
    The stock front fender on the DRZ is downright ugly for a supermoto style bike, so we immediately replaced it with a Acerbis's Supermoto fender. We also decided to spruce up the bike a bit, and added a trick looking Acerbis LED Vision headlight, a Zeta Gas Cap, replaced our stock radiator hoses with new ones from DRC, and added various other Zeta bits. The bike is looking great! Here's a few of those mods...
  • Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender (White)
  • Acerbis LED Vision Headlight
  • Cyclops LED Headlight Bulb
  • DRC Radiator Hose Kit (Red)
  • Zeta Gas Cap (Blue)
  • Zeta Billet Kit (Blue)
  • Zeta Oil Dipstick (Red)
  • Zeta Aluminum Bolt Kit (Blue)
  • Zeta Handlebar Clamp Rubber Killers (Red)
  • Zeta Magnetic Drain Bolt Set (Red)

  • Avon TrailRider Front Tire (120/70-17)
  • Avon TrailRider Rear Tire (150/60-17)
  • Michelin Front and Rear Inner Tubes

    The stock brakes on our DRZ400SM weren't the greatest, so we wanted to get them upgraded right away. We went with Galfer Brake Lines front and rear, and their Sintered brake pads. This setup is awesome... much more responsive and better overall feel in the front brake lever and rear brake pedal.
  • Galfer Stainless Steel Front/Rear Brake Line Kit (Smoke line w/ Blue Fittings)
  • Galfer Front and Rear Brake Pads (Sintered Compound)

  • Sunstar Front Sprocket, 15T (stock size)
  • EK 520 MVXZ2 X-Ring Dual Sport Chain (110 Links, Gold)
  • DRC Dura Rear Sprocket, Black, 43T (stock size is 41T)

  • Pro Moto Billet Cargo Rack
  • Nelson Rigg Trails End Dual Sport Enduro Tail Bag
  • Firstgear Torrent Waterproof Duffel Bag

  • DRC Lift Stand
  • Longacre Digital Tire Gauge
  • Battery Tender Jr.
  • Cruz Tools Outback'R M14 Tool Set

  • You can read more at our blog site:

    Suzuki DRZ400SM Project Bike Build #1

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