Yamaha WR250R Supermoto Conversion
Yamaha WR250R Supermoto Conversion
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For street and supermoto riding, we have our 2008 Yamaha WR250R converted to a supermoto. The conversion was relatively straightforward. Once we sourced our WR250R supermoto wheels and tires, it was just a matter of swapping out the stock dual sport wheels/tires. Up front, in order to clear the 17" supermoto tire, we had to re-route the front brake line to the outside of the fork leg and also trim the plastic fork protectors. With the 17" supermoto wheels/tires, the bike will stand straight up when you put the stock R model kickstand down, so you'll need a shorter kickstand, like the one we carry from the WR250X. Out back, everything went right on without a fuss, although we did change to a 42t rear sprocket.

The bike is currently equipped with the following mods and accessories, all of which will work on any 2008+ Yamaha WR250R or WR250X...

Supermoto Speific Parts - Wheels, Tires, etc:
  • Warp 9 Elite Supermoto Wheels
       - Black Rims, Blue Hubs, Blue Nipples, Silver Spokes
       - Warp 9 Racing Rear Sprocket, Black, 42T
  • Michelin Front and Rear Inner Tubes
  • Bridgestone S20 Evo Hypersport Front Tire (110/70-17)
  • Bridgestone S20 Evo Hypersport Rear Tire (140/70-17)
  • 12oClockLabs SpeedoDRD Speedometer Calibrator
  • Yamaha WR250X Kickstand (1" shorter than stock R kickstand)

    I'd left my WR250R's engine stock for the first couple summers I owned the bike, then decided it was time to do some performance-oriented mods. The first thing I did was replace the stock muffler/mid pipe/header with our FMF Q4 Performance Exhaust Package, which consists of an FMF Q4 muffler, FMF Megabomb header, FMF Fuel Injection Controller, and 12oClockLabs EXUP Emulator. At the same time, I replaced the stock air filter with a No Toil Super Flo Filter Kit. I couldn't be happier with this setup.... the FMF Q4 System is my favorite exhaust for these bikes... it sounds great without being overly loud, it's quite a bit lighter than the stock exhaust (by about 8-10 lbs), and it adds a significant amount of performance. Gone is that dead spot early in the powerband, the bike is now much more fun to ride, and it actually sounds like a motorcycle now! Here are the links to the Engine mods we did...
  • FMF Q4 Performance Package (Q4 muffler, Megabomb header, EFI Controller, EXUP Emulator)
  • No Toil Super Flo Filter Kit

    Like most dual sport bikes, the stock tail light and front/rear turn signals on the WR250R are very large and definitely takes away from the looks of the bike. I wanted something that would clean up the rear fender area and also wanted to get rid of the large front turn signals. Since I wanted to add hand guards anyways, I went with our Zeta PRO Armor Hand Guard Package with integrated turn signals. This really cleans up the front of the bike and adds some well-needed protection as well. Out back I ditched the huge stock tail light and turn signals, replacing them with our nice and compact DRC Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Kit. These simple changes make the bike look so much better!! Here are the links to the Lighting and Electrical mods I did...
  • DRC Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Kit (red lense)
  • Zeta PRO Armor Hand Guards with Zeta XC PRO Flasher Protectors
  • 12oClockLabs Turn Signal Running Light Adapters
  • 12oClockLabs Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher
  • 12oClockLabs SpeedoDRD Speedometer Calibrator
  • 12oClockLabs Gear Position Indicator
  • Cyclops 3800 Lumen H4 LED Headlight Bulb

    For supermoto riding, off-road protection is not as big of a concern, but we've still done a few things to provide some added protection. The first thing we did was add a Moose Racing Plastic Skid Plate. The stock drive cover was swapped for Sandman Parts Freedom Case Saver. The bike also desperately needed hand guards, so I went with the new Zeta PRO Armor Hand Guard Package with XC PRO Protectors and Integrated LED Turn Signals. This not only cleans up the front end of the bike, but it provides some excellent protection. Here are the links to these mods...
  • Moose Racing Plastic Skid Plate
  • Zeta PRO Armor Hand Guards w/ XC PRO Protectors and Integrated LED's
  • Zeta Heel Guard/Chain Cover
  • Z-Carbon Frame Guards
  • Wolfman Kiowa Muffler Heat Shield
  • Sandman Freedom Case Saver Kit

    The stock seat on the WR250R is not well-suited for anything but very short rides. After trying out few different seats, I settled on one from Seat Concepts and couldn't be happier. The seat is substantially wider than the stock seat and uses a much more comfortable foam material. I went with the Low Foam version so it also helped with the tall seat height, and the Blue/Black Gripper Cover which looks great on the bike. Now those 200+ mile rides are a breeze! The stock footpegs were also one of the first things I replaced... they are way too narrow and don't provide much grip. Currently I'm using Pro Moto Billet Evo Air footpegs, which are the ultimate footpegs for these bikes... and they even come in blue! For a cargo rack, there was no question which way to go...the popular Pro Moto Billet Rack, which is not only beautifully CNC machined, but functional as well. Here are the links to these mods...
  • Seat Concepts Complete Seat (Low Foam Height, Blue/Black Gripper Cover)
  • Pro Moto Billet Evo Air Footpegs
  • Pro Moto Billet Rear Cargo Rack
  • Short Clutch and Brake Lever Set
  • Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips
  • Zeta Aluminum Throttle Tube, Standard
  • 12oClockLabs Gear Position Indicator
  • Pro Taper Contour Handlebars, 1 1/8", Henry/Reed Bend
  • Zeta RX2 Handlebar Clamp Kit

    The stock 2 gallon gas tank on these bikes is inadequate if you're doing long rides... unless you like stopping for fuel every 100 miles or so. I decided that an extra gallon of fuel would be ideal, so I installed the IMS 3.1 Gallon Gas Tank and now I get upwards of 150-200 miles of range, depending on how I twist the throttle. Additionally, these bikes are tall, and at 5'9" with a 30 inch inseam, I could never get comfortable with the stock seat height. Yamalinks Lowering Link helped lower the seat height about two inches when combined with the factory lowering option. Here are the links to these mods...
  • IMS 3.1 Gallon Gas Tank (Black)
  • Yamaha OEM Plastic Kit (Blue)
  • Retro Yamaha Tank Graphics
  • Yamalink Lowering Link
  • Zeta Oil Filter Cover
  • Zeta Blue Billet Kit
  • Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender, Blue
  • Zeta Magnetic Drain Bolt, Blue
  • Yamaha OEM WR250X Kickstand (2008-2011 model year)

    Even with 17" supermoto wheels, these bikes are tall, and at 5'9" with a 30 inch inseam, I could never get comfortable with the stock seat height. A Yamalinks Lowering Link helped lower the seat height about two inches when combined with the factory lowering option, and a Seat Concepts Seat with their Low Seat foam lowered the seat height another 3/4"...
  • Yamalink Lowering Link (Blue)
  • Seat Concepts Complete Seat (Low Foam Height, Blue/Black Gripper Cover)

    Supermoto Drivetrain:
  • EK 520 MVXZ X-Ring Dual Sport Chain, Gold
  • DRC Dura Rear Sprocket, Black, 42T (stock size is 43T)
  • Sunstar Front Sprocket, 13T (stock size)

  • Pro Moto Billet Cargo Rack
  • Nelson Rigg Trails End Dual Sport Enduro Tail Bag

  • DRC Lift Stand
  • Longacre Digital Tire Gauge
  • Battery Tender Jr.
  • Cruz Tools Outback'R M14 Tool Set

  • You can find all the parts/accessories we used on our WR250R Supermoto Converstion here: Shop for Yamaha WR250R/X Parts

    Yamaha WR250R Supermoto Conversion

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