WR250R WR250X FMF Q4 Performance Package
WR250R WR250X FMF Q4 Performance Package
(some optional parts shown in photos)

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As of spring 2024, FMF has discontinued their mufflers and header pipes for the 2008-2020 Yamaha WR250R/X. Yoshimura is about the last company making an exhaust system for the Yamaha WR250R. See our Yamaha WR250R Performance Guide for all the details on what you need to get your WR250R/X running properly and increase power, torque and overall ride-ability.

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This FMF Q4 Performance Package allows you to choose your own performance exhaust components based on your needs. The package is based around the FMF Q4 Hex Slip-On muffler. Additional options for the package include an EFI (electronic fuel injection) Controller, which is a plug-n-play device that will help take advantage of your new performance exhaust system. Finally you can also choose to add an EXUP Emulator and AIS removal kit to the package (details below).

Fitment: 2008-2021 Yamaha WR250R / WR250X

Sound: The FMF Q4 Muffler is the quietest aftermarket muffler available for the Yamaha WR250R. It is still louder than stock, but quieter than other aftermarket mufflers. If you want a quiet exhaust on your WRR, this is the one.

Header Recommendations: Due to customer requests, we have changed our FMF packages to no longer include an FMF header pipe, and instead you can order one separately (see links below) or use your stock header pipe with the FMF muffler. That being said, we do however still recommend the FMF header over the bikes stock header.... it is slightly larger in size, and does feature FMF's PowerBulge technology... plus, it just looks much much cooler. We've been running FMF MegaBomb headers on our bikes, and that is our header pipe of choice. It is also the most popular header we sell for these bikes. Here are the headers that FMF offers for the WR250R/X...
  • FMF PowerBomb for WR250R
  • FMF MegaBomb for WR250R

  • Weight Savings:
    WR250R/X Stock Muffler w/ Heat Shield: 9.89 lbs
    WR250R/X Stock Header w/ Heat Shield: 1.98 lbs
    WR250R/X Stock EXUP motor and cables: 1.48 lbs
    WR250R/X Stock FULL SYSTEM: 13.35 lbs

    WR250R/X FMF Q4 Muffler: 5.68 lbs
    WR250R/X FMF MegaBomb Header: 1.51 lbs
    WR250R/X FMF Q4/Megabomb FULL SYSTEM: 7.19 lbs



    One (1) WR250R WR250X FMF Q4 Hex Slip-On Muffler:
  • Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and high strength stainless steel
  • Removable USFS spark arrestor included
  • Pounds lighter than stock
  • Twin stage core design for lower sound output and extended life of packing material
  • Includes mid pipe insert if you want to use with the smaller stock header pipe
  • Max Sound output 96dB; most models below 93dB
  • Part #044437


    ** OPTIONAL: EFI Controller (adds to package price):
    An EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Controller is HIGHLY recommended any time you install an aftermarket exhaust and/or air filter on your fuel injected bike, otherwise you will see little to no performance gains, and the bike may even run poorly. At this time, we offer three different EFI options, the EJK EFI Controller, JD Jetting EFI Controller, or the Dynojet PowerCommander V. Details below. Each are simple to install and plug into existing wiring using stock connectors.
  • EJK EFI Controller - Part #9310207 (click for more info)
  • JD Jetting EFI Controller - Part #JDYX04 (click for more info)
  • Dynojet PowerCommander V - Part #22-016 (click for more info)

    ** OPTIONAL: EXUP Servo Emulator (adds to package price):
  • When you remove the OEM Yamaha WR250R/X exhaust, you will also be removing the EXUP cables and motor that are attached to the exhaust. This is a simple task, and involves un-plugging the EXUP Servo motor. 12oClockLabs offers an EXUP Servo Emulator which plugs right in so you're bikes computer won't realize you've removed anything. This optional part is highly recommended anytime you remove the OEM exhaust. Choose the option below if you want us to include it as part of the package.

    ** OPTIONAL: AIS Block Off Kit (adds $20 to package price):
  • When installing an aftermarket exhaust on your WR250R/X, the AIS (Air Induction System) is no longer serving any purpose and will cause backfiring/popping on deceleration. Once you remove the AIS from the bike, this kit can be used to block off the port/hose on the bike.

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    WR250R WR250X FMF Q4 Performance Package
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