WR250R WR250X Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Package Deal
WR250R WR250X Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Package Deal

** OUT OF STOCK - We now carry the new (and much improved) 12oClockLabs Integrated Tail Light !

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If you're looking to clean up that ugly rear fender on your Yamaha WR250X or WR250R, this package provides you with a tail light that has the turn signals integrated into it, and therefore there is no need for separate external rear turn signals/flashers.

The package includes the popular WR250R/X DRC Edge2 Tail Light kit, along with a 12oClockLabs DRC Edge2 Processor Upgrade Board. The upgrade board is a drop in replacement for the OEM LED board inside the Edge Tail Light, and provides programmable integrated turn signals, as well as safety brake pulsing. The unit also has brighter LED's than the stock Edge2 board, and is designed with 500,000 life hour capacitors for exceptionally long life operation.

Fitment: 2008-2021 Yamaha WR250R / WR250X

The package includes the following:

One (1) WR250R WR250X Edge2 Tail Light Kit:
  • Edge Tail light (red or smoke lense)
  • Brackets for mounting the light and license plate
  • Turn Signal mounts (if you ever want external turn signals)
  • Hardware and Instructions included

    One (1) 12oClockLabs DRC Edge2 Processor Upgrade Board
  • 5 user selectable turn signal patterns [half chase, full chase, fixed blink, normal blink, etc.]
  • Automatic safety brake pulsing with Enable / Disable
  • The brightest LED's you can get; 500,000mcd light output at maximum brightness
  • Low current draw; with an average 4.5watts at full brightness.
  • Built-in license plate light with 3 super bright white LEDs
  • Includes 34 inch pre-attached wiring harness
  • Includes 30 inch wire harness jacketing
  • 3 year product replacement warranty
  • Made in the USA

  • ** OPTIONAL: OEM Wiring Connector Kit: (adds to package price)   (Photo)
    This kit can be used to connect the DRC tail light/integrated turn signals to the OEM connectors on your bike. You install the connectors on the wiring for the 12oClockLabs Processor board (which you've installed inside the Edge2 Tail Light), which then allows you to plug directly into the OEM connectors already on your bike. Creates a fully plug and play installation.

    ** OPTIONAL: Fixed Rate Flasher: (adds to package price)
    When you install aftermarket LED turn signals on the bike, it changes the load on the factory signal system, and it can cause your turn signals to hyper flash if you are still using the stock turn signal relay. We recommend this Fixed Rate Flasher if you are installing LED's on the front AND rear of the bike, that way they won't hyper flash. We do NOT recommended using it if you leave your stock turn signals on either front or rear. In that scenario, your stock signals will just hyper flash.

    ** OPTIONAL: License Plate Frame: (adds to package price)
    A motorcycle license plate frame really finishes off the installation of your new tail light/fender eliminator. We offer this stamped steel frame, painted satin black, as an option. Fits US spec license plates that are 7" x 4".

    ** OUT OF STOCK - We now carry the new (and much improved) 12oClockLabs Integrated Tail Light !

    WR250R WR250X Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Package Deal
    WRR-EDGE2-INTRetail Price: $179.95Our Price: $177.95
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    OEM Connector Kit: 
    Fixed Rate Flasher: 
    License Plate Frame: 

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