Honda CRF300L Project Bike
Honda CRF300L Project Bike
Honda CRF300L Project Bike
Honda CRF300L Project Bike
Honda CRF300L Project Bike
Honda CRF300L Project Bike
Honda CRF300L Project Bike
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We have our 2021 Honda CRF300L setup with the following parts and accessories...

The stock handlebars on the bike are very low in profile/height, they're made out of steel, and have threaded inserts in the ends, which makes installing handguards a challenge. We decided to replace ours with aftermarket aluminum bars, and went with oversize 1 1/8" Pro Taper Contours in the CRF Mid bend. To install the oversize handlebars, we used Pro Taper's Universal Solid Mounts, which sit down in the stock 7/8" handlebar mounts and allow you to mount the 1 1/8" bars. Your stock controls, grips, etc will fit right back on the oversize bars just fine, since the handlebars taper back down to 7/8" on the ends. We decided to replace our stock grips and throttle tube with aftermarket bits from Pro Taper and G2. The new Pro Taper handlebars will be much more durable, and they ended up being a little over 1" higher than the stock bars, so this will be much comfortable, especially when standing. We re-used the Zeta Armor handguards we had installed on the stock handlebars, but instead of using their standard handlebar clamps, we used Zeta's hand guard mounts that attach to the top triple clamp.
  • Pro Taper Contour Handlebars (CR Mid Bend) from SRmoto
  • Pro Taper Universal Solid Mounts from SRmoto
  • Zeta Armor Handguards (blue aluminum/white XC Protectors w/LED's) from SRmoto
  • Zeta Hand Guard Mount for Triple Clamps (Front Style) from SRmoto
  • G2 Tamer Throttle Tube from SRmoto
  • Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips from SRmoto

    The stock mirrors were one of the first things we replaced... they provide descent visibility, but they can do damage if you drop the bike and one of them breaks off, especially on the front brake reservoir side. We went with the much more durable DoubleTake Enduro Mirrors. The stock footpegs are very narrow and prone to bending if you drop the bike. We replaced ours with lightweight Zeta Aluminum footpegs, which are larger/wider than the stock pegs, and will make them much more comfortable when standing up on the bike. They also have have more teeth for added grip. The stock clutch/brake levers are super long and non-adjustable. We replaced ours with the shorter 3-finger Zeta Pivot Levers, which are much more durable AND they are adjustable for reach.
  • DoubleTake Enduro Mirror Package from SRmoto
  • Zeta Aluminum Footpegs (Red) from SRmoto
  • Zeta Revolver Folding Shift Lever from SRmoto
  • Zeta Pivot Lever Set (Black) from SRmoto

    The stock halogen headlight bulb is not very bright, and it's yellowish in color. We replaced ours with a much brighter Cyclops LED bulb, that is white in color. Out back, we replaced the stock tail light and turn signals with a very trick 12oClockLabs Integrated Tail Light kit, which really cleans up the back of the bike. Up front, we removed the stock turn signals, and went with Zeta's integrated LED turn signals in the handguards. 12oClockLabs running light adapter keep those front LED's on as running lights, and their fixed rate flasher will prevent the new LED's from hyper flashing.
  • Cyclops LED Headlight Bulb from SRmoto
  • 12oClockLabs Integrated Tail Light Kit from SRmoto
  • LED front turn signals integrated into Zeta Armor Handguards from SRmoto
  • 12oClockLabs Front Running Light Adapters from SRmoto
  • 12oClockLabs Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher from SRmoto

    Small and narrow dual sports like the CRF300L are probably one of the hardest bikes for car drivers to see on the road. We wanted to install front auxiliary lighting so our bike stands out more, and we also wanted something to provide better lighting if we ever get caught out on the road/trail after dark. We've used Denali lighting on our Tenere 700 project bike, and it is super high quality stuff. We went with their small DM line of LED lights, and mounted them to the stock front turn signal mounting location. Now we're much more visible on the road, and the super bright LED's will also work great after dark.
  • Denali DM 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Kit from Revzilla
  • Denali 2.0 DataDim Dual-Intensity Controller from Revzilla
  • 12oClockLabs Turn Signal Mount Plates from SRmoto **
    ** NOTE: We used the turn signal mount plates to mount the Denali's to the stock front turn signal location

  • Zeta Oil Filter Cover (Red) from SRmoto
  • Zeta Magnetic Drain Bolt (Red) from SRmoto
  • Zeta Engine Plug Set (Red) from SRmoto
  • Zeta Oil Filler Plug (Red) from SRmoto
  • Zeta Racing Chain Guide (Red)

  • Giant Loop Buckin Roll Tank Bag from SRmoto
  • Nelson Rigg Trails End Dual Sport Tail Bag from SRmoto
  • Nelson Rigg Trails End Trails End Fuel Bottle Holder from SRmoto
  • Primus Fuel Bottle from Revzilla
  • RotopaX 1 Gallon Fuel Pack from Revzilla
  • Precision Racks Rear Cargo Rack

    The stock brakes are definitely one of the bikes weak points. We replaced the stock front brake pad with more aggressive Galfer Sintered pads and that did improve front braking. We will be installing their pads in the rear as well, and once Galfer has front/rear braided stainless steel brake lines, we'll be adding those. We did that same setup on our CRF250L project bike and the brakes were much improved over stock.
  • Galfer Front Brake Pads from SRmoto

    The stock chain works just fine, but at our bikes first service, when we were replacing our tires with the new Michelins, we decided to swap out the chain for a D.I.D 520 ERVT that we also use on our CRF450RL project bike. And at that same time, we swapped the stock chain guide for Zeta's black/red anodized model.
  • D.I.D 520 ERVT Racing Chain (Gold) from SRmoto
  • Zeta Racing Chain Guide from SRmoto
  • Stock gearing so far, that may change

    We weren't a big fan of the stock IRC's, so those had to go at the first service. We've used the Michelin Anakee Wild on our WR250R project bike, and really liked them. It's one of the better 50/50 tire options out there.
  • Michelin Anakee Wild Front (90/90-21)
  • Michelin Anakee Wild Rear (120/80-18)
  • Michelin HD inner tubes
  • Stock CRF300L Wheels

  • Flatland Racing Skid Plate
  • Flatland Racing Radiator Guard

  • None so far... stay tuned.

  • DRC Lift Stand from SRmoto
  • Longacre Digital Tire Gauge
  • Cruz Tools Outback'R M14 Tool Set

  • Seat: The stock seat will get replaced as soon as our Seat Concepts Comfort Seat arrives
  • Gas Tank: The standard CRF300L has a very small 2 gallon gas tank... IMS says they should have a 3 gallon tank sometime early 2022
  • Suspension: The stock suspension is soft and non-adjustable, so we're hoping Race Tech or somebody offers some upgrades!
  • Brakes: Galfer Braided Stainless Steel Brake lines will help improve brake lever/pedal feel
  • Performance: To give the bike a little bump in power, we'll be adding a Yoshimura RS-4 full exhaust and EJK EFI controller
  • Steering Stabilizer: We're hoping Scotts will have a steering stabilizer kit for it soon
  • Luggage: Probably adding Giant Loop Saddlebags and also Rotopax to carry more fuel
  • More as we ride the bike and get a feel for what it needs...

  • NOTE: All parts listed will fit a 2021+ Honda CRF300L


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    Honda CRF300L Project Bike Update #2

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