CRF300L Race Tech Suspension Bundle
CRF300L Race Tech Suspension Bundle
CRF300L Race Tech Suspension Bundle
CRF300L Race Tech Suspension Bundle
CRF300L Race Tech Suspension Bundle
CRF300L Race Tech Suspension Bundle
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Looking to upgrade the front AND rear suspension on your 2021+ Honda CRF300L or CRF300L Rally? Look no further than Race Tech. We've bundled together their most popular suspension upgrades for the new Honda CRF300L / Rally into one handy package deal.

The bundle includes a Race Tech Front Fork Spring Kit, their Gold Valve Combo Kit for your front forks, and their G3-S Internal Reservoir Rear Shock. The first step to great handling and suspension performance is selecting proper spring rates front and rear, so the fork spring kit, gold valves and rear shock will each be setup for your size/weight, type of riding, and ability. The Gold Valve Kit allows additional fine tuning and adjustment of your CRF300L's front fork to suit your weight and riding style.

Optionally, and for an additional cost, you can upgrade the rear shock to Race Tech's remote reservoir version of the shock.

  • 2021+ Honda CRF300L
  • 2021+ Honda CRF300L Rally


    ** INCLUDED: One (1) Race Tech Front Fork Spring Kit
    On the CRF300L, the stock left fork leg is damping only, and the right fork leg is spring only. The stock spring is way too soft. Race Tech spring kit adds a spring to the left leg and retains the stock spring in the right leg. This increases the total spring rate. The Kit includes an adapter to add a spring to the Damper leg. Total spring rate is a combination of both springs. The stock single spring is .72kg and does not get changed. When the RT Spring is added to the Damping leg, use 500cc oil volume in that leg, 600cc in the Spring Only (right) leg. No need to disassemble the right leg unless its due for a rebuild or you want to put in good oil.
  • RT Hi-Performance Springs
  • Specifically for the CRF300L or Rally and for your size, type of riding, and ability.

    ** INCLUDED: One (1) Gold Valve Combo Kit
    The Race Tech Front Spring kit described above will increase the total front spring rate, which is a must on the CRF300L. But if you do that alone, you are still running the stock Honda fork internals, which may no longer be ideal for the higher spring rates. Race Tech's answer is their Gold Valve Combo Kit, which includes both Compression as well as Rebound/Mid-Valve Kits. These will significantly improve the flow over the stock fork pistons, putting valving control on the shim stack instead of the piston. This results in outstanding tune-ability, improved control, traction, plushness and bottoming resistance. Includes detailed online instructions, Gold Valve Pistons, Valving Shims, and access to the Race Tech Digital Valving Search (DVS) which provides specific valving stacks for your exact weight, skill and riding conditions.
  • Allows additional fine tuning and adjustment of your front fork to suit your weight and riding style.
  • Includes Compression AND Rebound/Mid-Valve Gold Valves

    ** INCLUDED: One (1) Race Tech G3-S Internal Reservoir Rear Shock
    All G3-S shocks for the CRF300L or Rally are built to order. They come with Gold Valves and RT Hi-Performance Springs. Each shock is setup for your size/weight, type of riding, and ability.
  • IFP (Internal Floating Piston) design
  • Internal Reservoir
  • Rebound Adjustment
  • No Compression Adjustment
  • Shock Gold Valves
  • Custom Valved
  • Ultra Slick Fluid
  • RT Hi-Performance Spring
  • Shock spring is generally RED, but sometimes availability may result in a DARK BLUE spring.
  • Large Diameter 16mm Shock Shafts
  • Stainless Steel Spherical Heim Bearings
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs (Stock shock is 7.9 lbs)
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Performance Guaranteed!


    ** OPTIONAL: Upgrade to Remote Reservoir Rear Shock: (adds to package price)
  • External reservoir provides more shock oil, keeping it cooler in extreme conditions and allowing for additional adjustability
  • Provides Lo and Hi-Speed Compression adjustment
  • Includes mounting bracket for reservoir

    This bundle will ship from Race Tech and be setup specifically for you and your bike, ready to install and ride. From the selection drop downs, provide us with the following info...
  • Rider Weight (with your gear on)
  • Rider Height
  • Rider Age:
  • Riding Type: Dual Sport, Street Only, Supermoto etc.
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?
  • Stiffness Preference: Standard, Soft, Hard?
  • Lowering: Bike is Lowered or Not Lowered?

    SEAT HEIGHT: In stock form, the CRF300L/Rally suspension is so soft that the bike sags under it's own weight. With the Race Tech suspension upgrades, the bike's seat height will generally increase as much as an inch since the stiffer suspension will not sag quite as much. If you want to try and retain close to the stock seat height, put a note in the comments box at checkout about that, and Race Tech can accommodate this when building out the order.

  • CRF300L Info at RaceTech Website
  • CRF300L Rally Info at RaceTech Website

  • ** AVAILABLE - This CRF300L suspension package is custom built to your specs, will be shipped directly to you from Race Tech, and will arrive ready to install and ride. Current wait time ranges from 4-6 weeks (approximate). Due to the custom nature of this product, there are no cancellations, returns or exchanges.

    NOTE: We cannot ship this bundle to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada at this time.

    CRF300L Race Tech Suspension Bundle
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