Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike - Intro
Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike - Intro
Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike - Intro
Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike - Intro
Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike - Intro
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October 2020 Update: We just picked up our new Tenere 700 project bike, and as of October 25th, the bike has only about 100 miles on it. As weather permits, we are trying to get some rides in to see what we like and don't like. The photos shown above are the bike in completely stock form.

We already have a few initial ideas of what we'd like to do to the bike, and here's a quick list... please note that this list will change as we ride the bike more and figure out what it needs...

The stock mirrors will be one of the first things to go... they provide descent visibility, but are prone to doing some damage if you drop the bike and they break off. We'll be putting DoubleTake Adventure Mirrors on right away. For footpegs, we are going to try out DRC Ultra Wide footpegs as well as Zeta Aluminum footpegs, both of which are a bit larger/wider than the stock pegs, which should make them more comfortable when standing up on the bike. They also have have more teeth for added grip. We've got Oxford Heated grips ready to go on the bike, and I think I want some shorter brake/clutch levers too. The stock clutch lever isn't adjustable, so an adjustable one would be nice. The stock seat seems pretty comfortable, but I'm curious what Seat Concepts will have available.
  • DoubleTake Adventure Mirrors
  • DRC Ultra Wide Footpegs
  • Zeta Aluminum Footpegs

    The stock handguards are more like deflectors and pretty much worthless, so they gotta go. The bike comes with stock handlebars that have threaded ends, so that means that Barkbusters are probably the way to go for handguards, since they have a kit that includes threaded mounts. Zeta will also have a similar T700-specific handguard available sometime in December. If you put aftermarket Pro Taper or Renthal handlebars on the bike, then Acerbis X-Force or Cycra Probend CRM handguards should fit. I think we will stick with the stock handlebars for now, but have my eye on Pro Taper Evo's in the Adventure Bend.
  • Barkbusters VPS Handguard Kit for Tenere 700
  • Zeta Adventure Handguard Package for Tenere 700
  • Acerbis X-Force Handguards
  • Cycra Probend CRM Handguards

    Lots of stuff to explore here.... so many options. My initial thoughts are a few simple things just to carry stuff on the bike, maybe a Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag up front, and a Nelson Rigg Trails End Dual Sport Tail Bag. I think this tail bag can easily be mounted to the stock passenger seat without any type of rack.
  • Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag
  • Nelson Rigg Trails End Dual Sport Tail Bag

    The bike seems to run well right out of the box and has plenty of power. Sounds good too. We already have an Akrapovic and a Leo Vince slip-on muffler... we plan to try both and see which we like best. We're also going to install a Dynojet Power Vision 3 Flash Tuner as well. Will be interesting to see how much performance improves, and if we drop any weight in the process.
  • Leo Vince Slip-On Muffler
  • Akrapovic Slip-On Muffler
  • Dynojet Power Vision 3 Flash Tuner

    This bike is tall, and on the heavy side compared to the dual sports and supermotos we're used to. I'm 5'9" tall with a 31" inseam and it's just too tall for me, so I need to lower the seat height on this thing. Will probably try the KoubaLink lowering link, and drop the front end down by raising the forks in the triple clamps about 1/2" or so. It'd be nice to get the seat height about 1 to 1.5" lower. Stay tuned.
  • KoubaLink Lowering Link

    The stock skid plate isn't bad, but it's small. We've got a Moose Racing plastic skid plate to try, as well as aluminum skid plates from Givi and SW-MOTECH. Some sort of engine guard is also probably needed, and maybe a radiator guard, as well as headlight guard.
  • Moose Racing Plastic Skid Plate
  • Puig Headlight Protector

    The bikes big ugly orange stock turn signals must go! We're going to install smaller aftermarket LED's, along with a rear fender eliminator. Up front, I think we're going to do Zeta handguards with their integrated LED turn signals.

    NOTE: All parts listed will fit a 2021+ Yamaha Tenere 700

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