Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
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The Tenere 700's stock handlebars have threaded ends to accommodate the flimsy stock hand protectors, so if you want to install proper handguards, you will need them to have threaded inserts to fit the handlebars. Zeta Racing has the solution with their new Adventure Armor Handguard. We've put together this package deal that lets you assemble everything you need to install these handguards on your T700.

The package consists of the very popular Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards that are made specifically for the Tenere 700, and utilize a special U-clamp handlebar mounting kit to attach the handguards to the bike, and also threaded inserts to fit into the ends of the stock handlebars. Optionally, you can add Zeta XC or XC Pro plastic protectors that screw to the front of the handguards, as well as integrated LED turn signals. On the Tenere 700, we prefer the look of the slightly larger XC Pro protectors on this bike (see photos).

Fitment: 2021+ Yamaha Tenere 700 (with stock threaded handlebars **)

** NOTE: These handguards will work with the bikes stock 1 1/8" handlebars, which are threaded on the ends. If you have installed aftermarket handlebars with hollow ends, then you can use this Zeta handguard insert kit to mount these handguards to your hollow end handlebars...
  • Zeta Insert Kit for Armor Handguards

    .... or you can try any of the following handguards...
  • Cycra Probend Center Reach Mount Handguards
  • Acerbis X-Factor Handguards


  • Made specifically for Yamaha Tenere 700
  • Made of high rigidity aluminum
  • Includes durable threaded bar end inserts to hold the handlebar
  • Includes special U-clamp handlebar mounting kit to attach the handguards
  • Holes pre-drilled for mounting of plastic Zeta XC protector shields
  • Available in anodized black
  • Come in pairs

    (**OPTIONAL) 2 ZETA XC PROTECTORS OR XC PRO PROTECTORS: (adds to package price)
  • Bolt directly to the pre-drilled aluminum Zeta Armor Hand Guards described above
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Available in Standard XC Protector or XC PRO Protector (Size Comparison Photo)
  • Available in a variety of colors (see drop down below)
  • Zeta decals on front of plastic hand guard are removable

    (**OPTIONAL) 2 ZETA XC PROTECTOR LED FLASHERS: (adds to package price)
  • Optional integrated LED turn signals available with either Orange (Amber) or Smoke lenses
  • Come in pairs

    (**OPTIONAL) RUNNING LIGHT ADAPTERS: (adds to package price)
  • If you order the optional Integrated LED Turn Signals for the handguards, we also recommend the 12oClockLabs Running Light Adapters be wired in with the LED turn signals. The T700 has front turn signals/flashers that also operate as running lights. If you install aftermarket LED turn signals/flashers, you will lose the running light feature, but you can retain your running lights by installing our 12oclockLabs Running Light Adapter.
  • Simple plug-n-play install with T700 front turn signal connector plugs pre-installed.

    (**OPTIONAL) INTEGRATED MIRRORS: (adds to package price)
  • If you want basic mirrors that provide descent visibility, we offer mirrors that integrate into the Zeta XC Protectors on the Zeta Armor and PRO Armor handguards. These mirrors are tucked into the handguard protectors and therefore are pretty hidden, which also makes them less likely to get damaged in a drop or crash. Visibility out of them is good, but you can't see out of them as well as the DoubleTake Enduro / Adventure mirrors we also sell. Here is a photo of the mirrors installed on our Honda CRF450RL with Zeta handguards.

  • ** ON BACKORDER - This product is out of stock. To be notified when they are back in stock, just email us at sales@soloracer.com.

    If you need something sooner, you may be interested in the following handguards:

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  • Zeta Adventure Armor Handguards Yamaha Tenere 700
    ZE72-6041Retail Price: $107.99Our Price: $104.95
    Handguard Color / Size: 
    XC Protector Style / Color: 
    LED Flashers: 
    Running Light Adapters: 
    Integrated Mirrors: 

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