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KONI North America is happy to announce the arrival of the new KONI Threaded Suspension Kits. The kits include four KONI Sport valved struts and/or shocks featuring threaded adjustable lower spring perches (where applicable) and progressive rate lowering springs designed for performance street driving. The kits are engineered in a joint effort with KONI divisions in Holland, Germany and North America and are tested on Germany's famed, high speed Autobahns. Threaded coil-over suspensions not only allow the user to individualize the ride height but also to improve handling through corner weighting or weight jacking. Additionally the car can be run low in the summer and raised for winter driving.

The kits were designed to give the vehicle a preferred ride height of 1.5" to 2.0" below stock ride height but the threading range allows the owner to make the ride height considerably higher or lower. It is always recommended that the kits be installed with bump rubbers because the threaded range of perch adjustment may allow the vehicle to sit low enough (for show or display purposes) to risk bottoming internally without them. Also, care should be taken in setting ride height so as to not allow oversized rims and tires to rub on the car.

The Threaded Suspension Kits pictured above represent just a few samples of those available from KONI. Threaded Suspension Kits range in price from $973 to $1,393 and are engineered specifically for each vehicle. Threaded Suspension Kits combine different components based on the vehicle's design.


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