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Honda CRF450L / CRF450RL Performance Upgrades:
Off the showroom floor, the 2019+ Honda CRF450L/RL suffers from a few emissions-related fueling issues that hinder performance and ride-ability. Some of our customers complain about poor low RPM fueling, stalling, as well as a very snatchy on-off throttle response. Luckily there are a few things you can do that will make the bike run much better, give it more power/torque, and make it much easier to rider.

An aftermarket ECU (best option) or EFI Controller is the best way to get your CRF450L/RL to run properly, and also increase power and torque. We use the Vortex ECU on our CRF450L/RL Project Bikes. The Vortex includes pre-loaded maps for Yoshimura and FMF aftermarket exhaust systems, as well as a map for the stock exhaust.

  • Vortex X10 ECU

  • GET RX1 Pro ECU

  • JD Jetting Power Surge 6X EFI Controller

    To improve performance even more, save some weight, plus make the bike sound better, add an aftermarket exhaust system from the Honda CRF450X...

  • CRF450X Yoshimura RS-4 Full Exhaust System

  • FMF Q4/MegaBomb Full Exhaust System

  • CRF450X Pro Circuit T-6 Titanium / Stainless Full Exhaust System

  • CRF450RL/L/X Graves Titanium Full Exhaust System

  • CRF450RL/L/X Graves AIS Block Off Kit

    ** NOTE - Save $$: You can save $$ by purchasing a full exhaust and Vortex ECU together by going with our CRF450L/RL Exhaust / ECU Bundle!

    Exhaust Sound:
    We get a lot of questions about how loud these exhaust systems are, and since we've tried them all out on our CRF450RL project bikes, we do have some opinions here. The quietest aftermarket exhaust you can get for these bikes is the FMF Q4 with MegaBomb header. The sound with that setup is really good... and with the spark arrestor installed, it's just barely louder than the stock exhaust. With the spark arrestor removed, it's louder, but not quite as loud as a Yoshimura RS-4 or Pro Circuit T-6. The Yoshimura RS-4 and Pro Circuit T-6 are next up, and they are both a bit louder than the FMF system, but still not what I would consider "too loud". Next up would be the Graves Titanium system, which is just slightly louder than the Yoshi and PC exhaust. The FMF PowerCore4 with MegaBomb header seems to be the loudest of the ones we've tried.

    Additionally, the following products will incrementally make the bike run better, and help reduce stalling, and provide a smoother, more controlled and tractable power delivery on your 2019+ Honda CRF450L/RL...

  • Steahly Flywheel Weight

  • Twin Air Power Flow Filter Kit

  • Twin Air air filter

  • Doing these couple of things to the bike will make it run much better, help get rid of the snatchy throttle, and improve performance substantially compared to stock. It will also drop about 8-9 lbs in weight, plus the bike will obviously sound much better if you do an aftermarket exhaust system.

    ** NOTE: Yoshimura, Graves Motorsports, FMF Exhaust Systems, Vortex ECU's, and other performance products, are designed for closed course competition use only. By purchasing one of these products from us you understand that the parts, installation and performance modifications are not emissions or noise compliant and are for closed course competition use only.

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