CRF300L LED Headlight, Tail Light and Turn Signal Guide
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We get alot of emails and phone calls about replacing the stock headlight, tail light and turn signals on the CRF300L, so we decided to put together this lighting guide. See below for a couple video overviews and links to lighting products we carry for the CRF300L.

CRF300L LED Lighting Guide and Overview

CRF300L Integrated Tail Light Overview

Listed below are the products discussed in the above videos...

If you're looking for the brightest headlight bulb available for your CRF300L (not Rally model), the Cyclops H4 LED bulb is the answer. These are the brightest, smallest and most reliable H4 replacement LED bulbs available on the market today! They provide HID performance with all the benefits of LED, and are an amazing upgrade over the stock Halogen headlight bulb, or even the PIAA Halogen bulbs discussed above. The bright white light they provide will light up road hazards, and make you much more visible on the road. They're a very simple install on the CRF300L...
  • Cyclops H4 LED Headlight Bulb

    One popular way to get rid of that big ugly plastic hanging off the back of the CRF300L or CRF300L Rally is to replace the tail light with an aftermarket kit that also has a smaller and tidier looking license plate mount. We're big fans of the high quality kit from 12oClockLabs, which they designed specially for the 300L/Rally and made sure it would be durable for off-road riding. They're fully plug-n-play and a very easy install. You can run them with their integrated turn signal feature, or you can use them with the stock rear turn signals or aftermarket LED's...
  • 12oClockLabs Integrated Tail Light Kit

    If you want to get rid of those big ugly stock turn signals on your CRF300L or CRF300L Rally and replace them with smaller LED's, there are a lot of options out there. We carry the DRC LED turn signals, and also the turn signal mounting plates from 12oClockLabs that you'll need to replace the large stock signals with the smaller LED's...

  • CRF300L Front LED Turn Signal Package

  • DRC Type 601 Flashers

  • DRC Type 602 Flashers

  • Motogadget m-Blaze LED Turn Signal

  • 12oclockLabs Turn Signal Mount and Block Off Plates

    The following handguard packages offer optional front integrated LED turn signals...

  • Zeta Armor Hand Guard Package Deal

  • Zeta PRO Armor Hand Guard Package Deal

    Many bikes like the CRF300L and Rally from the factory with front turn signals/flashers that also operate as running lights when the bike is turned on and/or running. If you install aftermarket LED turn signals/flashers (like the DRC Type 601, DRC Type 602, or Zeta XC Flasher protectors) on the front of your CRF, and you want them to still work as running lights in addition to turn signals, you need to install a 12oclockLabs Running Light Adapter. We highly recommend these... they make the wiring easier, and you'll have more lights on the front of the, which makes you more visible...
  • 12oclockLabs Running Light Adapters

    If you install aftermarket LED turn signals/flashers, like the DRC Type 601, DRC Type 602, or even the Zeta XC Flasher protectors, they will flash at a faster rate than the stock turn signals did. This is because OEM flashers are designed for standard bulbs which draw a few watts each, much more than typical aftermarket bulbs or LED signals. If you want your new LED's to flash at the slower rate of the factory turn signals, you will need to install a 12oclockLabs Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher.
  • 12oclockLabs Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher

    If you are interested in auxiliary LED lighting for the front of your CRF300L, to make you more visible in traffic, and also for extra lighting out on the street or trail after dark...
  • Denali DM 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Kit (<-- read our review)

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