CRF300L Handguard Guide - For Aftermarket Handlebars
CRF300L Handguard Guide - For Aftermarket Handlebars
CRF300L Handguard Guide - For Aftermarket Handlebars
CRF300L Handguard Guide - For Aftermarket Handlebars
CRF300L Handguard Guide - For Aftermarket Handlebars
CRF300L Handguard Guide - For Aftermarket Handlebars
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Handguards are one of the most popular modifications for dual sport bikes like the Honda CRF300L and CRF300L Rally. Handguards will protect your hands and the bikes controls from trail hazards, plus they can help prevent damage if you crash or drop your bike. Another side benefit is that they offer a bit of wind protection in cooler weather.

If you've installed aftermarket aluminum handlebars on your CRF300L / CRF300L Rally, installing handguards is much easier than with the bike's stock handlebars, and you have more options. We recently replaced the stock handlebars on our CRF300L Project bike with oversize 1 1/8" Pro Taper Contours. We re-used the Zeta Armor handguards we had originally installed on the stock handlebars, but instead of using their standard handlebar clamps, we used Zeta's hand guard mounts that attach to the top triple clamp. We also added the optional Zeta LED turn signals and 12oClockLabs Running Light adapters so the new LED's work both as turn signals and also running lights. One final thing we added was a 12oClockLabs Fixed Rate Flasher so that our front and rear LED's flash slowly instead of hyper flashing.

Here's what we currently have installed on our CRF300L project bike, which has aftermarket Pro Taper Contour aluminum handlebars....
  • Zeta Armor Handguards with XC Protectors and LED's
  • Zeta Hand Guard Mount for Triple Clamps (Front Mount Type)
  • 12oClockLabs Running Light Adapters
  • 12oClockLabs Fixed Rate Flasher

    If you want a slightly upgraded version of the Zeta Armor handguard, you could go with the Zeta PRO Armor handguards with that same Zeta Hand Guard Mount for Triple Clamps as your mount kit. The PRO's have stronger handlebar inserts, protective plastic bumpers on the outer edge of the handguard, and you get to choose what mount kit you want... for the CRF300L / CRF300L Rally you could use the standard handlebar clamps or U-Clamps if you want to attach the in-board part of your handguards to the handlebar itself, or you can do the "Front Mount Type" triple clamp mount.
  • Zeta PRO Armor Handguard Package

    There are a few other handguards we recommend for the CRF300L with aftermarket aluminum handlebars. Zeta also offers an Adventure Armor Handguard that works well if you've installed 7/8" aftermarket handlebars, and then we also like the Acerbis X-Factor handguards which seem to be very popular...
  • Zeta Adventure Armor Handguard Package
  • Acerbis X-Factor Handguards

    When adding handguards to the bike, many of our customers will also replace their grips, mirrors, etc. Since you're removing some of these items when adding the handguards, its much easier to do it at the same time rather than later. Some of these products are listed below...
  • CRF300L DoubleTake Enduro Mirror Package
  • CRF300L Supermoto Mirrors
  • CRF300L Zeta Pivot Levers
  • Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips
  • G2 Tamer Throttle Tube for CRF300L

    If you want to add bar end weights to help reduce vibration on your CRF300L or CRF300L Rally, we were able to get the Barkbusters Teardrop Bar End Weights to work with our Zeta Armor Handguards.
  • Barkbusters Teardrop Bar End Weights from Twisted Throttle

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