CRF250L FMF PowerCore 4 Performance Package
CRF250L FMF PowerCore 4 Performance Package
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We've combined several of the most popular performance products for the 2017+ Honda CRF250L into this handy package deal. The package is based around the FMF PowerCore 4 Hex Slip-On muffler, which replaces your heavy and restrictive stock muffler. You can either use your stock header pipe with the PC4 muffler, or optionally add to the package one of FMF's header... either the PowerBomb or MegaBomb. Additional options for the package include an EFI (electronic fuel injection) Controller, which is a plug-n-play device that will help take advantage of your new performance exhaust system and also make your bike run properly. Finally, you can also add a 13 Tooth Front Sprocket if you want to improve your bikes acceleration and low end response.

Header Recommendations:
If you have a 2017+ CRF250L or CRF250L Rally, an aftermarket header pipe is not quite as necessary as on the 2013-2016 bikes because Honda spec'd the new bikes with a slightly larger exhaust to begin with, so your stock header pipe is sufficient. However, if you want to maximize performance, one of the FMF header pipes is probably better thanks to their Power Bulge technology. We are using the MegaBomb header on our CRF250L Rally project bike. If you have a 2013-2016 CRF250L, we highly recommend adding one of the FMF headers to the package. The stock header on that bike is tiny and restricts flow. Many of our customers prefer the PowerBomb header because its Power Bulge is smaller and more tucked in than the Megabombs, plus it allows you to re-use your stock header heat shield.

The PowerCore 4 Slip-On Muffler included with this package is pretty loud. If you want an exhaust system that is a bit quieter, the FMF Q4 Performance Package is definitely the way to go. The Q4 Slip-On Muffler in that package is louder than stock, without being excessively loud.

Please note that the FMF decal on the muffler may vary from the photos shown. FMF changes these decals periodically and sometimes our photos, and even the FMF stock photos, will not match exactly what is on the newer mufflers.

  • 2017+ Honda CRF250L
  • 2017+ Honda CRF250L Rally Model available separately
  • NOTE: We no longer carry the FMF system for the 2013-2016 Honda CRF250L


    One (1) Honda CRF250L FMF PowerCore 4 Hex Slip-On Muffler:
  • Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and high strength stainless steel
  • Power gains throughout the entire rpm range
  • USFS spark arrestor included
  • Pounds lighter than stock
  • Rugged design for off-road endurance
  • Includes mounting bracket for stock heat shield
  • Louder than the FMF Q4 System, but optional 96dB quiet insert available from direct from FMF
  • Made in the USA
  • FMF Part #041567 (2017+ Honda CRF250L)


    ** OPTIONAL: Use stock header pipe, or add an FMF PowerBomb or MegaBomb Header (adds to package price):
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ideal for use with FMF PowerCore4 or Q4 Muffler
  • PowerBomb includes mounting clamps for stock Heat Shield
  • PowerBomb header makes better LOW to MID-RANGE power
  • MegaBomb header makes power across the entire powerband (LOW, MID, and TOP-END power)
  • PowerBomb: FMF Part #041565 (2017+ Honda CRF250L)
  • MegaBomb: FMF Part #041566 (2017+ Honda CRF250L)

    ** OPTIONAL: EFI Controller (adds to package price):
    An EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Controller is HIGHLY recommended any time you install an aftermarket exhaust and/or air filter on your fuel injected bike, otherwise you will see little to no performance gains, and the bike may even run poorly. At this time, we offer two different EFI options, the EJK EFI Controller and the JD Jetting EFI Controller. Details below. Each are simple to install and plug into existing wiring using stock connectors.
  • Pre-programmed specifically for a Honda CRF250L
  • Simple install. Plugs into existing wiring using the stock connectors
  • Simple and easy tuning with no dyno required
  • Simple Push Button Adjustment Interface
  • Does not require a computer or software to tune
  • "On-the-fly' tuning. You can make fuel adjustments in your garage or on the side of the road
  • Does Not Interfere with Stock ECU Operation
  • EJK EFI Controller 2017+ CRF250L - Part #9110044 (click for more info)

    ** OPTIONAL: 13T Front Sprocket (adds to package price):
  • Many CRF250L owners swap out the stock front sprocket for a smaller 13T, so we've added it as an option for our FMF performance package. The sprocket is made from case hardened nickel chrome molybdenum steel. Choose the option below if you want us to include the sprocket as part of the package.

  • ** OUT OF STOCK - We no longer carry this item. See more options below...

    Other Exhaust Systems To Consider:
  • Yoshimura RS-4 Slip-On Muffler Package
  • Yoshimura RS-4 Full Exhaust Package

  • CRF250L FMF PowerCore 4 Performance Package
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