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The factory seats in most cars are not only heavy, but they offer very little lateral support. Without a race seat (and/or harness belt), you will involuntarily use the steering wheel or other stationary objects in the car for support. This results in an interruption of driver concentration, diminished control of the steering wheel, and body fatigue. A quality seat will hold the driver in a fixed position in the car, thus allowing maximum concentration and feedback through the steering wheel. Factory seats also tend to be heavy and therefore a substantial amount of weight can be dropped from your race car simply by replacing the factory seats and mounting hardware with lighter racing seats and mounting brackets/sliders.

Autocross Seats:
One of our more popular seats for autocrossing is the Corbeau Forza. This fixed back racing seat is lightweight, has 5-point harness capability, and is very affordable. The new fiberglass composite Corbeau FX Pro seat also makes a great seat for autocrossers. For larger drivers, the Corbeau Forza II is available. Another seat that works well for larger drivers is the Corbeau FX1.

If you are looking to replace your factory seats with more supportive reclining seats, the Corbeau CR1, TRS, and A4 are popular choices. These reclining seats are very supportive and have harness slots on the seatback to accommodate harness belts. These seats can also be ordered with an optional sub belt hole in the seat base to accommodate a harness sub-strap if you use a 5 point harness.

If you are looking for higher end seats for your autocross car, Sparco is a good place to start. The Sparco Rev, Evo, and Evo 2 are popular choices. These seats off typical Italian craftsmanship and comfort. Sparco also offers custom mounting brackets, sliders, and side mounts for many popular cars. One of the more affordable Sparco seats is the Sparco Sprint 5.

Daily Driver Use:
If you use your autocross car as a daily driver, please consider the following:
  • The competition fabric on most race seats is not as durable as factory style cloth. You should take extra care of the fabric to help prevent wear. The Sparco Speed seat is available with an optional Jacquard fabric that is more durable than the competition fabric found on the Sparco line of competition seats.
  • Fixed back racing seats can limit rear seat access in 2 door cars. Since they don't recline, access to the rear seat is limited if the front seats do not slide far enough forward.
  • Using your factory seat belts can be a little tricky with fixed back racing seats that have harness slots on the side, but it can be done. Both Corbeau and Sparco seat mounting bases will have attachment points for the female seat belt receptical if your factory seat belts come attached to the seat. You simply un-bolt the female receptical from your stock seat/base and bolt it to the Corbeau or Sparco seat base.

Of the two seat brands we offer, Corbeau is by far the most readily available. Corbeau USA keeps a good stock of both seats AND mounting hardware. This means that orders can usually be shipped to you within 24 hours. In the rare case that something is out of stock at Corbeau, we will notify you with an ETA. Sparco seats, on the other hand, seem to be on backorder quite often. It is not uncommon to have to wait a week or more for something to ship. This is especially true of the Sparco seat bases, which can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to ship. We've been told that Sparco USA is working to resolve these availability issues, but for now, please contact us to check on availability.

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