Michelin Artic Alpin and Pilot Alpin
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Michelin Artic Alpin
The Arctic-Alpin may change the way you think about winter tires. This innovative, high contact tread design provides greater control on ice and packed snow.

Starting with a dense, directional tread design the Arctic-Alpin features self-cleaning circumferential arrowhead shaped grooves that continuously trap and release loose snow and slush. Then over a thousand of Michelin's patented torque-locking sipes not only provide nearly 180 feet of flexible, grabbing edges per tire for traction in snow and on ice but they also interlock for rigidity to provide more responsive dry handling. Finally, Michelin has developed a unique tread rubber compound which maintains compliance and grip at freezing temperatures

The Arctic-Alpin is designed to provide drivers with the same strong confidence on ice and snow that they get from riding on Michelin tires the rest of the year.

The Arctic-Alpin winter radials meet the industry's severe snow service requirements. They feature blackwall styling and are available in 80-, 75-, 70-, 65-, 60-, 55- and 50-series, Q-speed rated sizes for 14" to 17" wheel diameters.

Michelin Pilot Alpin
Most high performance and grand touring automobiles demand an even greater edge in winter conditions when they need to mix with snow and ice, as well as, still provide responsive handling on dry winter roads. Michelin's Pilot family of low profile, high speed tires now includes the Pilot Alpin which blend winter weather traction with excellent levels of wet and dry traction.

The Pilot Alpin features a directional high contact tread design to help maintain good traction on wet and slush covered roads while it bites into snow with its independent tread blocks and high density sipes. The Pilot Alpin even gives these sipes the same patented Torque-Locking feature found on Michelin's ultra high performance all-season radials to enhance dry road performance and handling. The Pilot Alpin also features Michelin's high-compliance tread rubber compound which remains flexible at lower temperatures for greater grip and better handling when temperatures are below freezing.

The Pilot Alpin winter radials meet the industry's severe snow service requirements. They feature blackwall styling and are available in 40-, 45- 50-, 55-, 60-and 65-series, H-speed rated sizes for 15" to 17" wheel diameters.

Michelin's Radial XSE Technology combination of innovative tire design, light weight and a "smart" silica enhanced tread compound maximize the Pilot Alpin's performance and wear.

NOTE: Vehicles should always be equipped with equivalent tires at all wheel positions. These winter tires, due to their exceptional snow and ice traction provided by their unique tread compounds, must be used in sets of four to help ensure proper vehicle control.

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