Harness Tech - General FAQ
If you purchase a harness belt from us, be sure to read ALL the instructions that are included with it. Listed below is some general harness info we think might be helpful, but it is not meant to replace the instructions that come with each individual harness we sell. We are not responsible for misuse or incorrect installations.

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1. Can I use a harness belt without a rollbar or rollcage in my car?
That depends on what you are using your car for, and whether you have rollover protection installed.

For autocrossing, the use of a correctly installed harness belt is generally OK. The speeds are usually slower than street or track driving, and the likelihood of a rollover is small, so rollover protection isn't a huge factor. Rollovers can still happen, so use at your own risk. We feel that the advantages of using a harness belt while autocrossing, outweigh the disadvantages.

Using a harness system on the track without a rollbar/cage in your car is a subject often debated in various car forums. Obviously you are better off if you have some sort of rollover protection, but many experts believe a PROPERLY installed and approved racing harness is OK for use at track days even without rollover protection. Many drivers think the greatest cause of serious injury in a rollover incident is being crushed by the roof, but this is myth.... actually, the greatest cause of injury is either the driver falling down on the roof at the end the incident, or body parts coming out of the side window. Very few injurys are caused by a roof collapse.


2. What types of seat belt release mechanisms are available on harness belts?
There are several different "styles" of seat (lap) belt release mechanisms available. On Schroth street legal harnesses, a simple push button belt release mechanism, like this one, is used. Sabelt uses a slightly different design on their tuner-style harnesses, as shown here. On the more competition-oriented harness belts, a camlock or latch and link mechanism is used. Schroth uses a RFR rotary buckle on their competition belts.

3. What are the different ways a harness can be attached to the car?
Harness belts can typically have three different styles of mounting hardware...bolt-in, snap-in (using eye bolts), or wrap-around. Bolt-in mounts, like the Schroth shown here, are very popular since they attach to existing bolts and no modifications need to be done to your car. Snap-in style belts use this type of connector - they "clip in" to eye bolts that are mounted to the car. Finally, wrap-around style belts do just that, the harness belts are wrapped around the crossbar of a rollbar or rollcage.

4. What harness belts are recommended for autocross use?
We use and recommend the Schroth Rallye line of harness belts. More info on these here.

5. Should I used a harness belt on the street?
We DO NOT recommend the use of harness belts on the street. Your car is crash tested with the factory restraint systems, so you are probably better off using those on the street. Also, harness belts hold you in the seat very tight and can make simple things like looking over your shoulder or tuning your radio very difficult.

6. Which competition harnesses have FIA approval?
To see all of the competition harnesses we carry that have FIA approval, just click here.

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