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Schroth Street Legal Harness Belt Questions
1. Are the Schroth Rallye line of harness belts really street legal AND how can I prove it?
Located on the plastic ASM mechanism on the inboard shoulder belt of each harness, you will see the letters/numbers "FMVSS 209". The DOT created this Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 209 and Schroth has certified that the Schroth Rallye belts meet or exceed that standard, and therefore are street legal.

2. I notice the Schroth Rallye 3 and 4 come in a left and right side version. Does it matter which one I get?
Yes, with the Rallye 3 and 4, the left and right seat harnessbelts are not interchangeable. Installation on wrong side can result in severe head injury during rebound phase of frontal collision.

Schroth Quick Fit Questions
1. What are the Schroth Rallye 4 "Quick-Fit" belts and what vehicles are they available for?
Schroth makes Rallye 4 Quick Fit harness belts for the new MINI, E36 BMW's, E39 BMW's, E46 BMW's, certain Audi/VW's, and the Subaru WRX and STi. These harnesses only require an adapter or two to be installed in the car, and once that is done, they clip in and out in a matter of seconds. A key selling point for these belts is that they utilize the factory seat belt pre-tensioner by clipping into the factory female seat belt receptacles. The pre-tensioner tightens the lap belt about 2” during an impact, further preventing the occupant from submarining. Also, since these belts clip into the female receptacle, the cars computer recognizes the seat belt is in use and deploys the airbag at a slower, less violent rate.

General Questions
1. Which Schroth belts for best suited for autocross?
Schroth Street Legal Harness Belts like the Rallye 3 and 4 are very popular with the autocross crowd. They easily mount to stock seatbelt mounting points, so there are no holes to drill and no modifications to your car in any way. They are also VERY easy to get in and out of, which is handy at an autocross where you will be getting in and out of your car several times.

2. Can Schroth harnessbelts improve my driving skills and shorten my lap times?
Yes! Factory seats and seat belts offer very little lateral support in high-speed cornering and braking situations. To compensate for this, the driver involuntarily uses the steering wheel or other stationary objects in the car for support. This results in body fatigue, and an interruption of driver concentration, as well as diminished control of the steering wheel. A Schroth harness solves all of these problems!

3. What is Schroth asm® Technology and how does it work?
asm® is the abbreviation for anti-sub-marining, a mechanism created by Schroth to reduce the risk of submarining or sliding underneath the lap belt. Submarining can cause serious, even life threatening injuries to legs, spine and internal organs. How does asm® work? The device is positioned on the in-board strap of Schroth's double-shoulder harness. When the energy converter is deployed (caused by dynamic forces of instant deceleration) it forces the driver's torso and hips to rotate slightly into an asymmetrical posture which tightens the lap belt milliseconds faster.

4. What kind of belt webbing does Schroth use on their harness belts?
Schroth uses a customized polyester webbing whose energy conversion capability is much better compared to common polyamid (Nylon) webbing. Polyester also has the best resistance against UV-Rays and chemicals. The monofile shot technology allows for optimum load spreading during crash conditions. This technology, due it`s "memory effect", keeps the webbing flat.

5. What professional race teams use Schroth harness belts?
Schroth Competition Harness Belts are used by many Formula 1 race teams, including Benetton, Jaguar, Arrows, Prost, and Jordan. Schroth belts are also used in Formula König, Formula Volkswagen, the Top 10's Bilstein Tourenwagen Cup, VW Lupo Cup, and the Porsche GT Rennfahrzeuge.

6. Just how good are Schroth harness belts?
Schroth harness belts are so good, that in Germany, you can order them on your BMW as an OE Factory Option!

Schroth Rallye 3/4 Mounting Points
To properly mount a Schroth Rallye harness belt, your car must have at least two accessible mounting points built into it for the lap belts, and one or two (depending on the belt model) for the shoulder belts. These points are the stock mounting points for your car's seat belts. The lap belts should always use the stock lap belt mounting points. Shoulder belts can be mounted either to point "C" (the C-pillar mount for the stock rear seat shoulder strap) or to one or both "D" & "E" points (the lap belt attachment points for the rear seat). For proper installation, be sure to follow all instructions included with your Schroth Harness Belt!

Rallye 3 Mounting Points Rallye 4 Mounting Points

Seat Considerations
Seat-back/head rest construction is the most critical factor in the seat construction. The head rest must be constructed to both allow the belts to pass through and to help keep the belts from going side to side.

A fully integrated headrest is not acceptable. The problem with the fully integrated headrest (far right), is that the belts can slide down the sides of the seat, and usually results in the driver sliding out of the shoulder straps under impact. A seat with no headrest, as pictured 2nd from the right, has no means of retaining the shoulder straps in the case of any sideways movement, and is also unacceptable.

Rallye Seat Info

Schroth Vehicle Reference List
For the most up-to-date info on Schroth Harness belts, please visit the official Schroth Website at and be sure to check out their Vehicle Reference List (requires Adobe PDF Viewer).

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