Tenere 700 Scotts Mount Kit and Steering Stabilizer
Tenere 700 Scotts Mount Kit and Steering Stabilizer
Tenere 700 Scotts Mount Kit and Steering Stabilizer

** OUT OF STOCK - Due to the lengthy wait time on this product from the manufacturer, we are not taking orders for them at this time. We recommend customers order directly from Scotts Performance to ensure timely delivery.

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Scotts now offers a mount kit and Steering Stabilizer for the 2021+ Yamaha Tenere 700. We sell this as the Mounting Kit Only for those of you that already have a Scotts Steering Stabilizer and just need the ability to mount it on your Tenere 700. Or you can order the Mounting Kit and the Scotts Steering Stabilizer together, by choosing which Steering Stabilizer you want from the selection dropdown. The Steering Stabilizer is available in two different versions, an Off Road Type and a Road Type... see full explanation below.

Fitment: 2021+ Yamaha Tenere 700 **
** NOTE: Works only with stock triple clamps.


One (1) Scotts Stabilizer SUB Mount Kit for Yamaha Tenere 700:
The Mount Kit includes everything except the stabilizer and link arm (see below). This mounting kit includes a new SUB mount/Bar mount assembly (ready for stock oversize 1 1/8" bars or aftermarket oversized 1 1/8" bars), Nickel plated frame bracket, shortened steering bearing shroud, tower pin, instructions and all necessary hardware. "SUB" mount stands for Stabilizer Under Bars, meaning that the steering stabilizer is mounted under the handelbars. This application requires the stabilizer to be mounted in the reversed position but uses a standard link-arm. This kit will keep the bars at the stock height. The bar mounts are reversible to achieve 2 different mounting positions. Position 1 emulates the stock location and position 2 is 10mm forward of stock, both of which are normally desirable on this bike. This is a significant improvement to the stability of this big Adventure bike. Scotts P/N: DM-SUB-5649

*** OPTIONAL: Steering Stabilizer and Link Arm (adds to price)
Scotts offers two different Steering Stabilizers that will work on the Tenere 700. An "Off Road Type without rebound damping" and a "Road Type with rebound damping". Both units share the same physical size and appearance, the main differences are in the valving design. The Off Road Type is a non-rebound stabilizer, which means, as it sweeps away from center it has damping but the moment it changes direction back toward center the damping is free until it reaches center again, hence the term non-rebound or free-rebound. This was an important development in the off-road damper and is what makes Scotts damper work so well. It's design is to allow the rider to correct for constant slides associated with off-roading while not fighting with the damping forces back to center. It's a serious advantage for the off-road rider. This feature helps prevent the common syndrome known as arm pump. Scotts stabilizer is the only one made with this feature. The Road Type stabilizer design requires a totally different function and therefore is a rebound damper. A road bike is primarily leaned, not steered, and the damping forces need to be absorbed in both directions to maintain constant stability, due to the nature of the energy needing to be absorbed. Which one you choose really depends on the type of riding you plan on doing, but most off-road riders will want the Off Road Type. If you plan to do pretty much all road riding on your Tenere 700, then the Road Type will probably work for you. Off Road Type is Scotts P/N: 4200-04 and the Road Type is Scotts P/N: 4200-08.

What is a Scotts Steering Stabilizer?
It is a compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbing damper, that mounts to your steering head area near your handlebar mount. It helps control the natural tendency of the “left to right” front end movements known as “head shake” on a motorcycle. By helping to stabilize the front end of your motorcycle, the rear of the motorcycle will track straighter allowing the rest of your suspension to work the way it was designed to. The result in stabilizing the front end means more precise steering also. In addition, the Scotts Steering Stabilizer eliminates that sudden "thrust-effect” of having the handlebars pulled from your hands after unknowingly hitting something unforeseen like rocks, tree roots, rain ruts and potholes. It also helps to minimize rider fatigue and the dreaded “arm-pump” situation that occurs while wrestling the front end of your bike, especially in rougher terrain. Once mounted, it dramatically reduces the unwanted phenomenon known as "Head-shake" that is commonly found on ALL off-road production motorcycles and especially predominant on road bikes once you let off the throttle and the front end dives, causing that “wobble” sensation from increased head angles. This is more predominant now a-days due to the steeper head angles you find on production bikes. It helps keep your motorcycle going straight in the whoops, reduces head shake approaching turns, and smoothes out those rough sections by preventing those handlebar wrenching jolts.

** OUT OF STOCK - Due to the lengthy wait time on this product from the manufacturer, we are not taking orders for them at this time. We recommend customers order directly from Scotts Performance to ensure timely delivery.

Tenere 700 Scotts Mount Kit and Steering Stabilizer
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