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The stock tires on the 2019+ Honda CRF450L / CRF450RL work OK for mild off-road riding, but if you are going to do any serious dual sport or off-road riding, there are definitely better options out there. Here is our CRF450L Tire Guide....

Pirelli MT-21 front tire with Dunlop D606 rear tire

One of the more popular tire setups for the Honda CRF450L is to run a Pirelli MT-21 (size 90/90-21) on the front and a Dunlop D606 (size 120/90-18 or 130/90-18) on the rear.

The MT-21's work great on the front of the CRF450L and will often go 3000-5000 miles before they need replaced. The D606's work great on the rear of the CRF450L and are best suited for off road use, but their tread compound is engineered for good highway durability and grip as well. You should get around 2500-3500 miles out of one. Both tires are DOT approved.

Check the links below...
  • Front Tire: Pirelli MT 21 Rallycross (size 90/90-21)
  • Rear Tire: Dunlop D606 Dual Sport (size 120/90-18 or 130/90-18)

    NOTE: The Pirelli MT-21 front tire is billed as a 90% off-road / 10% on-road design. If you think you will be riding alot more on the street, you might want to consider a Dunlop D606 Front Tire (size 90/90-21) to match the Dunlop D606 in the rear. They seem to work a little better on the street.

    Michelin Anakee Wild Tires

    If you want a 50/50 tire aimed at street and mild off-road riding, we really like the Michelin Anakee Wild Tires. Not only do these tires provide great performance both on and off road, but they have a longer tread life than more off-road oriented tires, which is great for those long adventure rides.

    Check the links below...
  • Front Tire: Michelin Anakee Wild (size 90/90-21)
  • Rear Tire: Michelin Anakee Wild (size 120/80-18 or 130/80-18)

    Continental TKC80 Tires

    If you're CRF450L sees about 60% off-road riding and 40% on-road riding, the Continental TwinDuro TKC80 Dual Sport tire is just the tire you're looking for.

    Check the links below...
  • Front Tire: Continental TKC80 (size 90/90-21)
  • Rear Tire: Continental TKC80 (size 120/90-18)

    Pirelli MT-43 Trials Tires

    Another popular tire setup for the CRF450L is to run Pirelli MT-43 Trials Tires front and rear. These DOT legal tires were designed for trials-type riding and competition, but their excellent performance on hard, wet and dry terrain makes them perfect for dual sport use. They provide long-lasting performance, excellent grip on virtually any type of terrain, and are very affordably priced. One side benefit is a tread pattern that has a minimal impact on soil. They can also be run at very low pressures for optimal grip.

    Check the links below...
  • Front Tire: Pirelli MT 43 Trials (Size 2.75-21)
  • Rear Tire: Pirelli MT 43 Trials (Size 4.0-18)

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