CRF450L Red Plastics
CRF450L Red Plastics
CRF450L Red Plastics
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Looking for Red colored replacement plastics for your Honda CRF450L/RL Dual Sport? As of this writing, nobody is making Red plastics specifically for the Honda CRF450L/RL (other than the lower fork protectors). We've tried to fit some of the various Red plastics that Acerbis and UFO make for some of the other Honda CRF models, and we've discovered that some of them fit without modification, and a few others fit with some minor modifications. Here's what we've discovered...

Red Front Fender:
Acerbis Front Fenders for a 2017+ CRF450R/RX fit the bike perfectly without modification. It is the same style and shape as the CRF450L/RL's stock front fender.

Red Rear Fender:
Acerbis Rear Fenders for a 2017+ CRF450R/RX fit the bike with some minor modifications. The back half of the fender is mostly the same as the stock CRF450L fender, but the front half by the seat will need trimmed to remove some of the excess plastic on it. We basically cut ours to look just like the stock 450L fender and got it to fit with no issues. On the back edge of the fender, it's missing the plastic tab/hook on the bottom, so we used double sided velcro to attach it to the top of the tail light.

Red Tank Shrouds:
Acerbis tank shrouds for a 2017+ CRF450RX seem to fit the bike just fine with no modifications. They are the same shape and style as the stock 450L/RL shrouds. They are available in Red/Black like the stock 450L/RL shrouds, or an all Red version as well.

Red Side Number Plates:
UFO makes a set of side number plates for Honda CRF250R/CRF450R single side exhaust conversions that fit the 450L pretty well. They will snap into the airbox covers and fit very similar to the stock side number plates.

Red Lower Fork Protectors:
Acerbis does make lower fork protectors for the 450L/RL that will fit without modification. If you've converted to a supermoto with the smaller 17" wheels/tires, you will need to do some trimming/modification so they will clear the SM tires.

We do not carry Acerbis plastics at this time, but you can get them from the following vendors...

  • Acerbis Red Front Fender at Revzilla
  • Acerbis Red Rear Fender at Revzilla
  • Acerbis Red Tank Shrouds at Revzilla
  • Acerbis Red Lower Fork Protectors at Revzilla

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