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Footpegs are one of the most important, but often overlooked, parts on your bike. A good set of footpegs not only provides adequate traction with your riding boots, but they should also be comfortable and offer good support if you stand up a lot when riding off-road. Bikes like the Honda CRF300L and CRF300L Rally unfortunately come from the factory with footpegs that are fine for street riding, but not so great for off-road riding. They are not only prone to bending if you drop or crash your bike, but they are also very narrow, which means they don't provide alot of comfort/support, especially when standing. And they are not as grippy as they need to be for more aggressive riding.

We recommend replacing the stock footpegs with a wider and more durable footpeg, like those offered by DRC and Zeta Racing. DRC makes a Wide and Ultra Wide footpeg that is very affordable and made out of durable steel that is powdercoated black. Zeta Racing makes a lightweight aluminum footpeg that is available in Anodized Red or Black. Both of these footpegs are quite a bit wider than the stock footpegs, and also provide multiple rows of teeth/cleats for added grip. You can't go wrong with either of those, and you will feel the difference when riding off-road! If supermoto is your thing, DRC also makes a Motard Footpeg that is similar to their Wide footpeg, but includes a plastic slider on the bottom of the peg.

The Flo Motorsports Pro Series aluminum footpegs are another good option. These super high quality footpegs are very popular with the motocross and enduro segment, and also work great for dual sport bikes. They are the same size as the DRC and Zeta footpegs, which makes them great for traction and comfort when standing on the bike.

All of these footpegs bolt right onto the CRF300L and Rally using the stock footpeg springs and mounting pins. Installation is super easy.

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CRF300L DRC Wide Footpegs

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CRF300L Zeta Aluminum Footpegs

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CRF300L Flo Motorsports Pro Series Footpegs

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CRF300L DRC Motard Footpegs

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